We love our growing family of artists! Each month, we feature a past, present, or upcoming ART14 resident here and on our social media. Artists are listed by most recent feature. Keep scrolling to see some of the incredible talent we have been so fortunate to witness!

Farzana Yeasmin

visual artist
IG: @farzmin09

April 2024 Featured Artist

Do we truly perceive our surroundings, or do we only experience what's visible? As a visual artist, Farzana (she/her) aims to capture the abstract essence of our environment on canvas, blending reality with imagination. Life, art and success resist measurement, shaped by personal experiences and emotions. Embracing color as my core, Farzana infuses each work with vibrant emotion. Nature inspires her, from distant horizons to minute details. Through experimentation, she discovers new possibilities at the intersection of texture, color and abstract nature. Farzana’s art sparks curiosity, evokes emotions, and reflects the beauty of nature intertwined with genuine feelings, inviting viewers to explore their inner worlds. We were so fortunate to host Farzana in March, who visited us from Bangladesh and was so generous to offer painting classes for our community!

Blake Opper

IG: @flakeflopper

MARCH 2024 Featured Artist

Blake (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger. Originally from Houston, Texas, he has lived in NYC for the last 10 years earning degrees from the New School in Jazz Performance (BFA) and NYU in Music Composition (MFA). His compositions have been performed at Lincoln Center, the Black Mountain College Museum & Arts Center, as well as The Menil Collection. Blake can currently be seen performing around NYC as a bandleader for Goldbloom, Fickle Quartet, Other Ministers and The Community Breakfast.

Elias Griffin

IG: @newyordmv

MARCH 2024 Featured Artist

Elias (he/him) is a sculptor and woodworker from Brooklyn, New York who creates furniture and sculpture that emphasizes material history. Drawing from the aesthetics of the physical spaces of his childhood - particularly urban industry and mechanics - he makes works playing with the natural qualities of the material and the mark of the man-made.

We were blessed to have Elias join us for the ART14 residency in February 2024, and he had this to share about his stay: "During my residency at L.A. Studios, I worked on a series of sculptures using old growth redwood from reclaimed New York water towers, a material in dwindling supply. I also used my time to develop a technique of creating organic wood finishes inspired by metal patinas and ceramic glazes. By applying ten to twenty layers of thin, translucent coats of marble powder and ceramic glaze ingredients suspended in a binding agent, the final finish emerges. Open access to the studios here in Patton was essential to the development of this technique because I can only apply 1-2 coats of finish per day."

Lily Ferguson


February 2024 Featured Artist

Lily (she/her) is a ceramicist from New York who seeks to make work that is personal, sentimental and timeless. She has been working with clay for over 6 years now and loves its versatility and personality. Lily takes inspiration from textiles and ornate metalwork to make sculptures that feel simple but decorative, practical but pleasing.

Lily joined us as part of the ART14 residency program in February 2024. While she was here, she shared her skills with our local community by teaching several classes in wheel throwing and handbuilding. We can't wait for her to come back to Patton!

Omari K. Chancellor

IG: @Omari_k

January 2024 Featured Artist

Omari K. Chancellor (they/he) is a Brooklyn-based actor, writer and filmmaker. Their work explores themes related to black identity and the African diaspora through a lens of surrealism, satire, and often science fiction. Omari is largely inspired by fat booty, Bob Odenkirk, and those lil wafer cookies Delta be serving on long flight. In fact—hit his line if you got some???

Omari joined us as part of the ART14 residency program in August 2023 and we're still eagerly counting the days until he returns!

Images in carousel:
1. End of Babes, Omari's short story produced during his ART14 Residency and published in American Chordata
2. Still from "Local Hero" by Gyaldem Media
3. Still from "Sequence01_2" by Gyaldem Media 
4. Still from "Louisiana Kitchen" by Gyaldem Media
5. Still from "The Greatest Beer Run Ever"

Olivia Springberg

painter and sculptor
website: www.oliviaspringberg.com
IG: @oliviasprng

DECEMBER 2023 Featured Artist

Olivia (she/her) is interested in bringing images into three dimensions, distorting and abstracting the compositions, and permitting them to expand beyond the rectangle or beyond the canvas. Her goal is to make structures that create a volume or perimeter that extends, contains, or interferes with the painted object. The objective of these pieces is to evoke activity and energy in the viewer, as the work can be approached from different directions or in the round. She wants the pieces to challenge the audience to be aware of how they engage with the work. She wants to encourage an exploration of the boundaries between fictional space and reality. The subject matter of her work often plays off of remembrances, dreams, and feelings, presenting carefully manipulated narratives via multilayered imagery. She is interested in personal interpretation and individual association, objectivity versus subjectivity, inter versus intrapersonal, and appearance versus presence. 

We loved hosting Olivia as part of the ART14 residency program in October 2023!

Kate Civiero | Infinite Glassworks

glass artist
website: www.infiniteglassworks.com
IG: @infiniteglassworks

NOVEMBER 2023 Featured Artist

As a glassblower and a metalsmith, Kate (she/her) is a designer and maker of handmade objects. She believes in giving objects significance through deliberate design and thoughtful creation. Motivated by material curiosity, she combines contrasting mediums to inform texture, pattern, colour and structure.

With a balance between careful consideration and impulsive explorations, she gives a voice to her craft through the language of her materials.

We were thrilled to host Kate for the ART14 Residency Program in October 2023!


multidisciplinary artist
IG: @kivanquinonesbeltran

OCTOBER 2023 Featured Artist

Kivan Quiñones-Beltrán (b.1997, Santurce, Puerto Rico) is an artist whose work revolves around the fusion of the recognizable and the unrecognizable, guided by meditation that taps into ancestral memory. Currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Quiñones-Beltrán's artistic language delves into the intricate relationship between memory, wonder, and uncertainty, contrasting with narratives and content with the mission of inviting us to allow ourselves to be guided by memories while connecting with the larger tapestry of our shared human experience. In this exploration, his work serves as a vessel for self-discovery and transformation, blurring the lines between art, memory, and the spiritual realm.

Images in carousel:
1. Photograph by Grace Lucca
2. “Self Portrait” (Flower Sweater), Gouache on elastic polyester, 2023
3-7. Work products from ART14 Residency Program.

Eugenia Moreeva

performance artist
email: eugeniamoreeva@alum.calarts.edu

SEPTEMBER 2023 Featured Artist

Eugenia Moreeva (she/they) participated in the ART14-Residency program during the summer of 2023. Continue reading for a description of Eugenia's work:

‘A green plastic waaaaaaatering can…’


Last fall, partial mobilization was announced in Russia. And that meant – some of the Russian men were obliged to go to war with Ukraine, fight for the dubious values ​​covered by state and ‘humanistic’ interests, in the war they never wanted and never forgave.

My male friends and acquaintances were at risk of being forced to become soldiers of the Russian army. Of being forced to go and to fight and to die – instead of building their beautiful peaceful futures. 

And there was a time when I was genuinely scared for my loved ones – but, obviously, I could do nothing to help them, all I could do was to pray and watch. Luckily, none of my close friends ended up being mobilized, but some of the people I knew did. Including my first Viennese waltz teacher with whom I waltzed for the first time, who teached me the movements and grace and joy of dancing. 

So, when I got to talk to people who were at risk of getting mobilized or to those who were mobilized already (and suffered from it), I would always tell them with sad irony: 

‘If I were you, I would just run away and live in the woods so that nobody could find me instead of coming to terms with this blind cruel system!’

And Russia is indeed full of woods where looking for a couple of deserted soldiers before they die there themselves would be a waste of time. Anything could happen in Russian forests: one could be eaten by a bear or a wolf, stolen by leshy or could simply run out of matches, food and fresh water, die of exhaustion and the lack of conditions suitable for human life.

The ‘Escape’ photo performance series I did with photographer Tadson Bussey (+ with kind and creative help of Emily Roese and Omari Chancellor) shows that my words about running away to the woods could never be applied to real life. As well as one couldn’t actually hide in nature from other humans (who would come and take one to the war) for a long time.

Realistically speaking, it would be impossible for a human being to escape into Mother Nature, and for Mother Nature – to protect their sons from the cruel world of each other. Because people got so separated from nature a while ago, they are no longer organic parts of it like other animals. All that we can do is to pretend that we do belong to nature, that we didn’t lose our connection with it – but it is so obviously false: even wearing camouflages, even if those camouflages are used for the sake of hiding from the war and not in it, we only barely resemble grass, trees, or water. We are too different from nature even if we try to show we are one with it.

Three parts of this project illustrate just some examples of the habitats human beings could not survive in for a long time.

Humans went so far from nature, there is an inevitable imprint of civilization, technology, artificiality and fakeness in each of us. Even if something unbearable happens in the human world, such as a war where people kill and die, – nature would be neither the safe place to run away into nor the welcoming environment to hide in.

We are out of place in nature and there is nowhere to escape.

Tadson Bussey

designer, photographer, & creative thinker
wesbite: https://www.tadsonbussey.com
IG: @tadsonbussey

AUGUST 2023 Featured Artist

Tadson Bussey (he/him) is a designer, photographer, and creative thinker. Tadson has had a long-time interest in photography, and has been shooting environmental and fine-art photographs for 32 years. He enjoys traveling and making images of beauty, but also can find the beauty in things close to home. His type studies and neon imagery have appeared in printed publications, calendars, and in several online travel guides. He has also self-published several books of his work including Botanicals and Moments.


writer & painter
IG: @emilyroese

JULY 2023 Featured Artist

Emily Roese (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based artist focused primarily on the written word and painting. She's interested in character studies, temporal relationships, and the general flow of things. She's received scholarships/fellowships from CRIT and ART14 @ L.a. Studio. You can find her written work in The Southampton Review and Everybody Press.

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