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What is Supplied/What should I Bring?


The suites are fully furnished, with linens, pillows, blankets, towels, cooking utensils, and cleaning supplies provided. 

Be sure to bring your own toiletries and, of course, season-appropriate attire! The summer months run into the 90s during the day but still drop into the 60s at night (we're in the mountains). Winter months are COLD (consistently below freezing), and we get plenty of snow!


We should have ample surface area, an easel or two, an potentially a drafting table available, plus plenty of pins to hang your work on the bulletin spaces within the work areas.

You will need to supply all of your own materials, including canvas/paper, paints, brushes, pens, pencils, palettes, palette knives, adhesives/fixatives, aprons, etc. We also provide a covered outdoor area for application of adhesives/fixatives.


We supply multiple throwing wheels, stools, an electric kiln, shelving, tables, and a limited supply of shaping tools and brushes. 

You will need to provide clay, finishes/glazes, and any additional tools you might need.

Stained glass

We supply a grinder, soldering iron, squares, clamps, an elevated workspace, work stool, breaking pliers, fid tools, and glass cutters. 

You will need to supply glass, solder, flux, flux remover, copper foil, gloves, a mask, and any other tools you might use.


We have a Delta ShopMaster 10” tablesaw, Delta 6” Jointer, DeWalt Deluxe Power Shop Radial Arm Saw, Jet 14” Woodworking Bandsaw, Craftsman 2”x42” Belt-8” Disc Sander/Grinder, Craftsman 8” Drill Press, Ryobi 10” Surface Planer, and various hand tools.

You will need to bring wood, nails/screws, glues/adhesives/fixatives, paints, resins, stains, other finishings, and any hardware (brackets, hinges, etc) you might install.

What should I *Not* bring?


We are a non-smoking establishment, and ask that any smoking is done outdoors. We ask that smokers respect their fellow community members and ask permission before smoking.


We often host our residents for dinner at our home nearby and often offer wine and beer for residents >21 years old. Residents must drink responsibly, especially if using any equipment, and provide their own alcohol if they will be drinking in the suites.

Illegal Substances

Please be aware of Pennsylvania laws and know that we cannot allow any illegal substances on our premises.


Firearms are strictly prohibited on our premises.

Can I bring pets?

As much as we love fur babies AND furries, we unfortunately do NOT allow pets to accompany residents.

Can I bring my Partner/Spouse/Family?

We ask that anyone hoping to accompany you also complete an application, as we expect anyone staying with us to influence, contribute to, and commit themselves to the creative environment we hope to curate as part of the ART14 Residency. Additionally, please understand our responsibility to create a comfortable living arrangement for all guests and artists accessing shared bathrooms, kitchens, and other facilities. Additional occupants in any of the suite bedrooms will incur a 50% additional charge per extra person.

How can I apply for funding?

We sincerely wish that all artists could participate in our programs at no cost and our goal is to accommodate as many artists as possible. Unfortunately, we must balance those goals with the costs of operating, maintaining, and improving our facilities. As we grow, we envision a future of pursuing non-profit status to procure grants and help offset artist contributions. For now, we can offer the following opportunities:

ART14 Scholarship Program

We understand the need for financial assistance, so we developed our own internal scholarship program to reduce fees for some artists and help mitigate some forms of systemic injustice. In an attempt to reduce bias, we have developed an algorithm and systemic review process for approving reduces fees for eligible artists. Once you have been accepted to our program, please reach out if you are interested in applying.

External Grants and Scholarships

Until we have the capacity to procure our own grants, we are compiling a list of external funding sources to which artists can apply and offset the cost of our residency fees, transportation, food, materials, etc:

Please let us know if you have success in applying for these or other grants so that we can share the opportunity with other artists!

Are you ADA accessible?

Unforunately, due to the historic nature of our building, we are not ADA accessible at this time. We are looking for solutions and hope to make improvements that will allow all to access our space in the future.

Will I Need a Car to get around?

Please view the 'Patton, PA' page to review some of the amenities nearby. There are a number of restaurants, bars, gas stations, convenience stores, and groceries within walking distance, as well as a lumberyard and some basic hardware supply stores. For more extensive options, you would benefit from having a vehicle - however, please note this is one of the many areas in which our artists often support each other! Our residents frequently coordinate grocery trips as well as other outings to explore the surrounding area. 

What support can YOU offer ME AS A resident visiting from outside the United States?

Info coming soon! For now, reach out via our 'Contact' form. :)