multidisciplinary artist
IG: kivanquinonesbeltran

Photograph by Grace Lucca

Kivan Quiñones-Beltrán (b.1997, Santurce, Puerto Rico) is an artist whose work revolves around the fusion of the recognizable and the unrecognizable, guided by meditation that taps into ancestral memory. Currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Quiñones-Beltrán's artistic language delves into the intricate relationship between memory, wonder, and uncertainty, contrasting with narratives and content with the mission of inviting us to allow ourselves to be guided by memories while connecting with the larger tapestry of our shared human experience. In this exploration, his work serves as a vessel for self-discovery and transformation, blurring the lines between art, memory, and the spiritual realm.

“Self Portrait” (Flower Sweater), Gouache on elastic polyester, 2023